About Us

Founders Dawn & Chad Erickson were bit by the RADIO & MEDIA bug at a young age.

Chad grew up in the woods of New Hampshire and Dawn grew up in Agawam, Massachusetts.  Their lives collided in 2007 while they were both working at a Clear Channel radio cluster in Hartford Connecticut.
Today they live in Western Massachusetts where they still have a passion for radio and media but in different roles then when they met.  Chad is a voice over talent and can be heard all over the world on hundreds of Radio and TV Stations.  As for our SHE E O Dawn, after spending almost 20 years between radio promotions and outdoor media sales she left her career in 2018 to stay home and raise their 2 future radio star daughters.
The idea for Hot Mic Clothing Co. came about in 2019 on bar napkins over many drinks but didn’t come to fruition until 2021.  It is nearly impossible to find any gift for anyone in radio or the voiceover industry. And, if you do, they are tacky.  After complaining to Chad about it he responded with “well let’s start a business, Hot Mic Clothing” Dawn laughed at him and thought “yah, okay!"

Then COVID happened, the world STOPPED… and we had nothing but time to come up with great ideas for building a brand wrapped around all things radio and voiceovers!